Disable Automatic Opening or Saving of Downloads (Re-enable Always Ask Before Check Box)

Konu Disable Automatic Opening or Saving of Downloads (Re-enable Always Ask Before Check Box)

Disable Automatic Opening or Saving of Downloads (Re-enable Always Ask Before Check Box)

If you have un-ticked or unchecked the check box of “Always ask before opening this type of file” for a particular file type or file extension on the File Download dialog box when you download the file with Internet Explorer (IE7 or IE6 or older), you will no longer see the File Download confirmation dialog again. The files will be automatically downloaded once you click on the link, and then open for you as your chosen preferred action. And thus you unable to make a pick of whether to save or open the particular file type in future. If you regretted the choice made and wish to have the File Download save or open confirmation dialog box to appear again as per default setting, just try the following trick.

    1. Open any folder with Windows Explorer or open My Computer, and then click on Tools in the menu bar and subsequently Folder Options in the drop down menu. Alternatively, go to Control Panel and select Folder Options.

Folder Options

    1. In the Folder Options dialog, select File Types tab. This tab lists every file type associated with Windows and may take a while to open.

File Types

    1. Locate and highlight (select) the file type or extension that you want to revert back the file download behavior to ask for open or save confirmation and stop the automatic opening or saving of downloaded file.
    2. Click on Advanced button. You have to log on or login on user account with Administrator or Power User privileges to use this function.
    3. In the Edit File Type window, clear (untick) the Confirm open after download check box.

Edit File Type

  1. Click OK when done.
  2. Repeat the procedure for other filetype and ext that you want to change back to normal default.

For now on, whenever you click a link to download the particular type of file, you will be given either Open or Save As options again. Note that in Windows Vista, File Types tab is taken away, so the reset has to be done in registry.

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